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I’m Captain Barney Hill and I have fished the Gulf of Mexico for over 50 years. I’ve seen fishing gadgets come and go by the way side more times that I can count.

I have manufactured fishing tackle for 30 years and have been a charter boat captain for most of those years. So, when I designed our Natural Bait Harness, it was done with CATCHING FISH in mind. Attention was given to every possible aspect of giving the fisherman the ultimate edge. Our complete line of harnesses are guaranteed to be constructed with quality materials, designed by professionals to catch fish, and will perform to your expectations every time.

Our company is a U.S.A. company. Our workers are citizens of the U.S.A. If you want to troll with the best and want a real edge on catching fish, you really should consider our products.

Fishing Frenzy Natural Bait Harnesses Instructions